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Friday, June 25, 2010

The saga of the Littlest Roof

Shown above is the littlest roof section being lifted into place a week ago.

The little roof section is located just to the left of the crane. While put in place in this picture, it did not fit well, and was later tried on the similar location to the right of the crane. It did not fit well there either. It is a tiny bit too wide.

Closer view of the littlest roof section.

The littlest roof sections replaced onto the road. The choices: to make new roof sections ... but the forms have been taken apart. Or to make them smaller: the rebars were removed and the cement sides were cut slightly smaller. But it still did not fit.

The final decision: each of these little roof sections will be cut into four, and inserted carefully from the outside, positioned perfectly, and then glued together with grout, and cemented into place.

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