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Monday, June 14, 2010

Other Arches - Havana, Cuba


  1. I live on Cambridge St. south of Somerset and I am concerned about how awful our street looks with those rusty old pylons closing the street off. It will look even worse in comparison to the beautiful arch only meters away. Do you think the city might do something to make this more attractive? Perhaps they could set up some planters like they did on the other side of Somerset, or some more dragons.

  2. Marion said.......I'm with you Judith. My husband and I are the proud owners of the project @ 37 Eccles Street - We have invested a ton into the neighbourhood due to the fabulous location but are disapointed with the shabbiness all mixed up in all the great things going on to make things better. Maybe we can band together and run a campaign to let people know that couches are NOT lawn furniture!!! See my website for details on the project @

  3. I will do a feature on street furniture someday on the blog.

    There will be streetscaping around the arch, replacing some sidewalks, new lamps, etc. My biggest beef is the failure of Ottawa Hydro, a city owned company (ie, cash cow) to remove the stupid poles.

    Somerset will be reconstructed from Booth to Preston in 2011, new sidewalks, pavers, lamps, trees, etc to go with the section of somerset west of Preston being done later in 2010. Progress is coming closer ... and dont forget bronson is to be done, complete with artificial trees, in 2011-2012.