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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Close-up pictures, painting the Arch

August 24, 2010

Painting is still in progress, and will be finished by the end of September. Here are some pictures of the painted sections "in progress". Some sections are still getting their first coats of paint, others are multicoloured with gold leaf.

Double click on any photo to enlarge it on your monitor screen.

gold leaf applied to upper panels but not yet trimmed

supporting decorative "woodwork" with its first coats of paint but not yet gold leafed

upper part has gold leaf but not trimmed, lower section has leaf that has been trimmed and outlined in white.

more pictures tomorrow !


  1. They had me until they put up those latches. What is the meaning of those?

  2. the metal latches stabilize the arch. Originally arches were built with wood but now it done with concrete. The shape of arch worked OK with wood but concrete is heavier, and the external reinforcing bars stabilize the arch. They are painted and blend in with the arch and are visible primarily when close up.

  3. And here I thought I was being clever taking photos with a ladder. You sure got me beat!

  4. Did they let you up the scaffold?!

  5. Yes, I was up on the arch with the artisans, and yes, i was wearing my hardhat and flourescent vest. I went up on the invitation of the CBIA.